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November 29th, 2015    

Quick Calls - PWA Christmas Slam 2015


A great card in Edmonton, with some big announcements, and a lot of action.  Highlighted by Lance Storm officiating the match between Giselle Shaw and Rachael Ellering (Making her singles debut).  Interviews on this episode include Colton Kelly (sort of), Frenetico, Marky, and Racheal Ellering.  Definitely worth a listen and a share.


November 27th, 2015    

Wrestling Clarity Episode 17


In this episode, Andre C discusses his thoughts on WWE Survivor Series, NXT, his favourites on the WWE Network.  He also expands into the world of MMA, discussing UFC over the past month and the upcoming Super Weekend of fights.  As well as a special event coming up on the network. 

November 22nd, 2015    

Quick Calls - PWA Remembrance 2015


The #frontrowmafia hits the road and checks out the PWA Remembrance Show from the Century Casino in Calgary... Alberta.... Canada.  Great show, highlighted by a mixed tag team main event, with the debut of Rachael Ellering, and the only in-ring match for Lance Storm in 2015.  Interviews include Marky, Colton Kelly, Derryk Crosse, and Racheal Ellering herself.  Definitely worth a listen.



November 19th, 2015    

Canadian Four Corner Conversation - Factions


Mike the Ref is joined by the Monster Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Meniac, as well as "The Man with a Thousand Monikers" Chris Perish, as they discuss factions.  Each reveals what they think makes a good faction, their top 5 factions, and what their dream factions would be.  We read listeners choices as well.

November 15th, 2015    

Quick Calls - RCW Jason the Terrible Benefit Show Day 2


Mike the Ref is joined by Billy Bob the Eskis Fan, the Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton, and the Legend, the Icon T. James Logan, as they discuss the second Jason the Terrible Benefit Show, hosted by Real Canadian Wrestling, from Edmonton Alberta.  A trimmed down card from the night before, with many positive results.


November 14th, 2015    

Quick Calls - RCW Jason the Terrible Benefit Show Day 1


Mike the Ref discusses the results of the Jason the Terrible Benefit Show Day 1, from the Royal Canadian Legion #1 in Calgary, Alberta.  Another long card from RCW, but definitely with some great results.


November 11th, 2015    

Edmonton SPN Special Announcement


The Edmonton Sports Podcast Network is proud to announce the signing of one of the most dynamic minds in Alberta Wrestling today.  Not only does he want to talk about wrestling, but sports and a lot of other topics as well.  Check out the preliminary details on the cast, and to check out more details, visit his facebook page here.

November 8th, 2015    

Quick Calls - MPW Riptribution 8


Mike the Ref is joined by Andre C, Brian Hamilton, Luke Neilson, and special guest T. James Logan of Gutbuster Radio and From the Second Row Productions, as they discuss the Riptribution 8 show, presented by Monster Pro Wrestling, from the Alberta Avenue Arena in Edmonton, AB.  This is MPW's premier event, and it shows.  Special pop-ins include Brayden Lewis, Cpl. Jack Hammer, Chris Perish, and Irishmen.


November 5th, 2015    

Blown Call 56 - Dealing with Injuries and Riptribution Preview


Injuries are the main topic of the show, with both Seth Rollins and Connor McDavid going down to the injury bug this week.  Thoughts on the impact on the individuals, as well as their respective teams, will be discussed.  As well as a Preview of the Monster Pro Wrestling Riptribution 8 Show in Edmonton, including an interview with THE MPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD, Meniac.  It's MPW's Wrestlemania, and the card is stacked as such.